The Art of the Possible

Chief operations and supply chain officers face a defining moment. Finally, AI-powered technology is ready to deliver a truly connected end-to-end ecosystem of consumer and industrial value chains.

The question is no longer Why – but How?

AI-Powered Supply Chains

AI is already at work in our supply and demand chains, but the arrival of generative AI and its rapid adoption, mean everyone needs to embrace AI to enable exponential performance improvement. To leverage this capability, it is essential to design a people-powered, tech-enabled supply chain.

Scope 3 Zero

Climate change remains a top-of-mind threat to businesses and the public, keeping the pressure on CSCOs who own the bulk of their company’s carbon footprints across manufacturing and retail. Public commitments to groups like Science Based Targets are empowering systemic change and helping us move forward, together.

New Approaches to Globalization

China decoupling and the need for next-level resilience are driving global businesses to regionalize their supply networks. This includes scaling new manufacturing systems that harness digital technology for better labor productivity and flexibility, as well as more risk-aware and agile logistics networks.

Talent 2030

The right people are key to making digital transformation a reality. But too often, recruitment and development strategies for top talent are out of date. The pace of tech adoption and innovation is much faster outside the US and EU, which means serious changes are needed to keep up.

Below, you’ll find some of our carefully curated content, selected to complement the topics that underpin the Forum Agenda and Themes.

Generative AI for Supply Chain

AI Is for Everyone

AI is awesome because it can learn from experience at the speed of light. Trained properly with data sets that characterize strategic and operational questions, AI empowers humans to be creative, incisive, and bold at times when historical data isn’t enough.  Read More
Scope 3 Carbon – Road to Zero

Choking on Scope 3 GHG: Tech Vendors to The Rescue on Carbon Management  

Many companies are on the right path towards decarbonizing supply chains but getting deep enough into Scope 3.1 “purchased goods and services” is still a sticky roadblock for most.  Technology can help break the analysis paralysis, especially for mid-sized companies that don’t have the resources to do the n-tier data gathering alone. Read More
New Approaches to Globalization

Mexico, North America, and Regional Supply Chains for the Future

The forces behind Mexico’s rise as a manufacturing and trading partner to the US go way beyond low-cost country sourcing. Global companies, including Apple, Nike, and Mazda, are moving away from geographically concentrated production in a story of North American supply chain regionalization likely to play out around the world. Read More
Skills 2030

Skills 2030: Is Going Straight to Work in Supply Chain a Viable Alternative to College?

Technology is driving massive productivity gains in some parts of the economy, but not others – especially education. Could this be an opportunity for CSCOs looking to build future-proof organizations by hiring, developing, and inspiring a killer skills profile for the 2020s? Read More